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Dangers of generic pain reliever drug Soma

Soma is a generic pain reliever used to handle things like strains, sprains and a wide range of muscle injuries. It’s been used in sports and by private physicians for years now, but what is soma actually and how does it work.

First of all, Soma is a skeletal muscle relaxant, much more powerful than your average grade painkillers, which is why it is a strictly monitored prescription drug. Before you start using soma, you should give  your doctor your full medical history including the list of other drugs you are taking at the moment, as there may be side effects if mixed with other drugs. Even if taken in moderation it can cause stomach problems, and, naturally, it has sedative properties as well, which is why it is not recommended to people who use heavy machinery or who are driving or who perform precision tasks. As one of the drugs often used in the pain management program, it is recommended that you rest a lot while using it.

Now, Soma is just a marketing name, Soma’s name is Carisoprodol, a drug related to meprobamate, a potentially addictive agent. The drug does have addictive properties and is definitely not recommended to people who have had history of substance abuse. Withdrawal from meprobamate can carry serious complications, including seizures and coma, which is why soma abuse is heavily monitored.

There are other situations where you shouldn’t be using generic soma. Blood disorders, kidney diseases, allergies or asthma, all of these conditions can be aggravated by soma. The side effects overall are not that dangerous (except when you abuse this substance) and may include stomach cramps, dizzynes if you stand up or lie down too quickly as well as drowsiness and lightheadedness. It’s effect on pregnancy and on breastfeeding has not been properly studied, so it is recommended for women who breastfeed or who are with child to avoid using Soma. Also, alcohol is a big no-no if Soma is your painkiller of choice as the two of them don’t go well together at all.

If you’re thinking of purchasing Soma, big pharma companies should have it in stock pretty much around the clock, but it is possible to get it online as well, as long as you can provide all of the documentation showing how your physician recommended it for you. It’s no use trying to cheat – the companies contact the doctor before the shipping to make sure the data sent to them is 100% authentic.

Just be aware that overdose on soma can cause depression of the central nervous system, leading to severe complications and coma, as well as respiratory depressions, shock and seizures, so under no circumstances are you to up your Soma dose before you consult your doctor and you’re not to self-medicate.

Cure for severe pain – usage, facts and warnings

Severe back pain, muscle pain or any other similar pain is a big problem in everyday life. This kind of pain is exhausting physically, and mentally. People who experience it every day are subject to depression and isolation. This kind of pain is usually chronic. It can appear as a result of the survived accident or a long term muscle stress expose. This kind of pain is so severe that most of the traditional pain killers are powerless. Pharmacist heard this call for help and they have developed a series of the very strong pain killers. One of these pain killers developed to treat severe pain is cure called Soma.

We will review some of the basic Soma facts in the next part of this article.

Purpose of Soma medicine?

Soma is a very strong pain killer. It will currently cut connection between your brain and muscle nerves which are causing the pain.

Few important facts about Soma you should know…

Taking a Soma medicine can form a “using habit”. If you have a history of drug addiction you shouldn’t take Soma. Soma will not cure your pain problems permanently, but it will help you at that moment. For permanent pain solution you should seek for a different treatment if it’s possible. Once you decide to stop using Soma you will probably develop a withdrawal symptoms like nausea, problems in focusing, headache, etc. It is recommended to first reduce your daily doses and than slowly keep reducing it until you stop taking it permanently. All types of pain killers, including Soma, shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. Soma when combined with alcohol can cause serious consequences.

Advise with a doctor…

Considering all of the mentioned facts it is clear you should advise with your doctor before you decide to start using Soma.

Consulting with your doctor will help you find out many useful information. Doctor will consider your overall health condition and then explain to you if it is safe or not for you to start taking Soma. If it’s safe, doctor will prescribe you an exact dose for you. Combining your physical weight, health history, current health condition, heart condition and many other facts, doctor will come up with dose you should take. Doctor will inform you about all risk involve.

Pharmaceutical companies are legally obliged to specify all the possible side effects and allergic reactions of the cure you are buying. In most cases this specification is too small to be seen, and people can put themselves in danger by taking a medicine. Doctor will explain all you need to know about side effects and possible allergic reactions. He will explain what are the symptoms how will they manifest and how to treat each of them.

Soma warnings…

As we mentioned before, using Soma can develop a using habit, this can lead you to the other medical problems. You should never take less or more Soma medicine than the dose doctor has prescribed you. Overdose with Soma is extremely dangerous, it can even be fatal.

Don’t take Soma if you are already using some other pain killers.

Always consult your doctor!

Who should use Soma?

First of all, since the effectiveness and safety of Soma has not been tested and explored in children under sixteen years of age and seniors who are over sixty five, it is not recommended that patients who belong to these two groups use Soma as their treatment.

Soma may also rarely harm an unborn baby and that is why it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. It also passes into breast milk and may potentially have some effects on the nursing baby, so in case you are breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor before starting the treatment.

When it comes to some health conditions that Soma may somehow affect, you should inform your doctor in cases you are allergic to meprobamate or you have any other allergies, you have had any unusual reactions to carisoprodol, the active ingredient of Soma, or you suffer from acute intermittent porphyria, which is a kind of a metabolic disorder. Further on, concerning your medical history, you should tell your doctor if you have ever suffered from any kind of problems with your kidneys or liver, if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, if you have asthma or seizure disorder.

As for the interaction of Soma with some other medications, there are some drugs that may potentially interact with it. For example, armodafinil may change Soma’s effectiveness and side effects, barbiturates and benzodiazepines may also increase the risk of side effects, carbamazepine may decrease the level of Soma in your blood and thus decrease its effectiveness, some antibiotics may either increase or decrease its effectiveness and opiates and narcotics, as well as some sleep medications can also increase the risk of side effects and some serious ones as well. If you take any of these or if you take any other drugs at all make sure to inform your doctor about it. It will probably be able to take Soma after all, but in lowered dosages.

Alcohol may also interact with Soma and increase the risk of side effects. Some serious ones may occur as well, so you should avoid drinking alcohol while you are on Soma treatment.

All in all, there are certain restriction on who should and who should not take Soma. Now that you have all this information on mind, make sure that you inform your doctor about any medications that you take as well as about your drinking habits. There are only a few conditions which will prevent you from taking Soma. Otherwise, you will only need to take lower dosages and Soma will still be able to help you.

What dosages does Soma come in?

Some comes in the form of pills which are round and white. The active ingredient of it is carisoprodol and it is a white substance that has a mild odor and that tastes bitter, so the pills might also be of a bitter taste. These pills come in two different doses and these are a 250mg dose and a 350mg dose. The right dosage will be determined for you by your doctor based on many different factors such as the severity of your injury. The pills are taken orally with a glass of water, four times a day – three times during a day and once at bedtime. The food does not affect the efficacy of the pill so you may take it with or without food.

During the treatment, Soma is combined with physical therapy, ample rest and possibly some other treatments such as some anti-inflammatory medications. It is a short term medication which means that is taken up to two or three weeks during which your injury should heal. If this, however, does not happen, you should talk to your doctor for the problem you have had might need a different treatment.

Once you start the treatment it might happen that you experience some of the side effects of Soma. These are really not serious and most people do not experience any at all. However, if you do experience some, although they will probably not require medical attention, you should inform your doctor about it. It might be necessary that your dosage should be lowered. It may also happen that you feel like the drug is not working for you. In this case you should also tell your doctor about it and they will probably prescribe you a dosage higher than the originally prescribed. Anyway, you should never increase the dosage on your own for if you take too much you will also increase the risk of side effects or you may even overdose.

Warnings, to sum up, Soma is a very useful and effective medication when it comes to treating muscle injuries. It comes in the form of pills and in two different doses. The dosage that you should take will be determined by your doctor and you should never adjust it on your own. The usual length of the treatment is two to three weeks and if the problem does not go away over this time, you should consult your doctor. In fact, all you need to do is stick to the prescription of your doctor and you will experience the proper effectiveness of Soma.

What is Carisoprodol?

With the human life becoming strenuous by every passing day, muscle sprains, pulls, and pain have started forming part of day-to-day living. While there are many muscle-relaxing drugs available in the global market today, the one that takes maximum acclaim is called Carisoprodol. Carisoprodol is one of the most commonly used and famous centrally-operating skeletal muscle relaxant.

The drug is a crystalline powder in physical identity, is colorless, has a mild characteristic odor and tastes bitter. The medicine is soluble in water to some extent; however, it is highly soluble in acetone, alcohol and chloroform. How the medicine works? Carisoprodol works by blocking the path of any pain-related sensations that reach the brain and nerves and relaxes the muscle by removing all the pain from it. Owing to this, this drug forms a major part of any prescription that a medical practitioner prescribes for muscle pain, muscle pull, etc.

The main ingredient in this muscle-relaxing drug is called meperidine, which is a sedative. Because of this ingredient, many people feel extremely sleepy after taking this medicine; however, this sleeping sensation is perfectly normal and by no ways indicates any side effect. The drug is available in a tablet form that consists of 350 mg of the drug. Because the medicine is known to many side effects on the body, it is highly recommended that a person suffering from muscle pain consults a doctor and takes the medicine based on how the doctor prescribes it.

Warnings, under most normal conditions, a medical practitioner advises a patient to take the tablet four times in a day, three times during the day and once immediately before going to bed. However this general prescription varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of the problem. Any person who has suffered from any kind of addiction before should not take Carisoprodol. In such a case, the person should let the doctor know about any such addiction so that the doctor can replace this drug with any other drug that is more suitable for the person.

Soma Review: Is it safe?

You may have heard about soma, otherwise known as carisoprodol. You may have heard some good things about it as well as some bad. You might be wondering according to what you have heard whether or not it is the best solution for you. There is only one way to relieve your fears or answer your questions.

Who can use Soma?

People who have an acute back problem or other injury can use it. It is not recommended for chronic pain management.

How long should this drug be used?

No one should use this drug for more than two to three weeks. Serious problems such as heart attacks or even unconsciousness or death could eventually be the result. At the very least, normal bodily functions such as coordination or concentration could be interrupted.

What are the most common side effects?

Usually dizziness or drowsiness is what most often occurs. Occasionally if a user takes it on an empty stomach it can cause a stomach ache.

For what is this pain medicine most often used?

Most of the time it is used for spasms and pains in the lower back. However, it can relax muscles anywhere you might hurt.

Is Soma addictive?

It can be. According to the FDA, the biggest concern would be regarding former or current drug addicts. People who consume alcohol on a regular basis could also become dependent on it and cause heighten health risk.

Can Soma cause bad reaction when mixed with other drugs?

Yes, there is a possibility of it. According to numerous reports it should not be used with certain allergy medications or antidepressants. It should also not be used with alcohol or cough medicine. There is a long list of hundreds of drugs and/or over the counter medications of which should not be mixed with soma. You should beware of these.

Can I give this drug to someone else?

It is not recommended, nor is it legal in most states or countries to pass it along to someone without proper authorization. Only doctor can prescribe it to you and another use needs to consult a physician to get his or her own medication.

What if I have more questions?

Warnings,you should ask your doctor. He or she can alert you of all the reasons that this medication would be either right or wrong for you.

Mild, Moderate, and Severe Soma Side Effects

Soma is a medication that has benefited numerous amounts of people. However, mild to severe side effects have been noted in users. You should be careful and learn what you can expect while using it. Please read all the possible complications with taking this temporary muscle relaxant and painkiller.

Mild Symptoms

Mild symptoms associated with using Soma include light headaches and dizziness. Sometimes people who use it also feel tired or they might feel a bit nauseous. An upset stomach can also occur if taken while hungry.


Facial flushing can either be a moderate symptom if you are not experiencing any additional problems such as rapid heartbeat. Redness in the face, arms, or other part of the body might occur. Allergy symptoms you already experience may also become more intensified. For instance, if it is normal for you to sneeze or cough frequently this problem could worsen. You could possibly become sick or get colds a little bit easier as well. However, in this case it would not be life threatening. You may vomit occasionally too. If you do, you should be on the alert for worsening of flu or cold symptoms.

Severe Symptoms

The most severe side effects/symptoms associated with using using Soma include fainting, shortness of breath, and intensification of asthma attacks, seizures, heart palpitations, and severe anxiety. In the worst-case scenario, you could lose consciousness. You could even die, but that is highly unlikely. (Although, being in a coma could hardly be much worse!)


Realize that the most severe problems related to using Soma are when this medication is abused. For instance, if you give it to someone of whom it is not prescribed it could unknowingly be mixed with other drugs or substances that could cause a negative reaction. Only the person to whom this medication was prescribed should use it. Another way to prevent severe reactions and side effects is to not take a double dose if you miss your last scheduled dose. Just take it as soon as you can to your next scheduled dose-or as soon as you remember afterwards. Another very important preventative aspect is to take this product for the specified time unless otherwise directed by your medical doctor. Knowing the window time that can pass before it is safe to take your next dose also helps. This is beneficial in the event you may forget to take it once in awhile but do not want to wait too long to take it again.

Buy Soma without prescription

Soma is a common medication that’s used to heal the muscles within a person’s back and, is also used to provide pain relief within other parts of a person’s body as well. Now, all the while Soma is very good at healing the muscles within a person body including a person’s back area, there are risks for abusing this powerful medication. In so doing, a person is liable to suffer such side effects as paralysis which in turn makes it so they can’t feel any part of their body. Another likely side effect is a rapid heartbeat, suffering this a person’s heart rate is liable to race at unprecedented speeds leading to an inevitable heart attack so, its important not abuse this medicine.

The kinds of people who are likely to benefit from this are many who have accident prone jobs which require a person to get physical. Construction workers are a prime example of this because they carry things around and, some of those items are heavy things that can put a hurting on their back. Soma helps heal their back pain or any kind of musculoskeletal pain that they are likely to suffer in their line of work.

The dangers in abusing this can be very dangerous to a person’s health and, the effects are likely to be long term. Another feature of this medicine is that its a sedative which can incapacitate a person and, disable them from doing the kinds of things that requires their attention. Some of these things are driving a car for instance, a sedative like Soma can cause the person to have a horrible accident which can result in death or at the very least long term hospitalization. It’s extremely important that a person is resting upon taking this because it can have very horrendous side effects like nausea and, dizzy spells.

It’s important to keep this medication out of the reach of children under the age of 18 because its addictive properties can have dangerous effects on a child’s body so, hiding this or keeping it out of the range of children is definitely recommended.

In conclusion, Soma can heal back pain along with a few other pains in the body but, conversely it can have detrimental effects on a person’s body if they overdose or, abuse the recommended dosage so be careful and, take as instructed.

Soma Dangers You should Know

Soma is a muscular painkiller that has helped many people. However using it does not come without its risks.

Soma dangers include drug interactions and side effects. These may occur during regular usage as instructed or from overdose or prolong usage. It could cause former drug addicts or alcoholics to relapse. It is potentially habit forming although some research indicates it is not a controlled substance.

Accidents can be caused by taking too much of this drug. This is due to the side effect of slower reaction times and/or drowsiness. This drug could be dangerous to people who already are having severe health problems. For instance, it can make life worse for people who have liver or kidney trouble. It also can intensify asthmatic attacks. Bad reactions can occur in people using Soma if they mix it with other substances. One of the most obvious mistakes would be to mix it with alcohol. Of course, another “no-no” would be to combine it with certain other depressants or stimulants. It might not react well with common over the counter medications or herbal supplements. You should ask your doctor before you accept a prescription for use of SomaSoma could be harmful to unborn babies or nursing infants. Tell your doctor if you know you are pregnant or you are nursing. A pregnancy test and thorough checkup is recommended before using.

Common Drug Interactions

More specifically, one of the most prevalent Soma dangers is that when mixed with other drugs, herbs, or supplements. It reacts negatively when interacting with certain sleeping pills/sedatives, tranquilizers/relaxants, narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants, allergy medications, or cough medicines.

Overdose Help

Whether you are currently experiencing a bad reaction as a result of overdose or accidental wrong drug mixture call for help. Emergency assistance or non-emergency doctor’s advice will help depending on your situation. Of course, you may not be experiencing any major problems at this time. However, you may notice trouble later on. Your doctor or other health care professional can help you monitor yourself ahead of time even if right now you notice no symptoms from taking too much. Furthermore, you can prevent further problems if you do not try to make up for a missed dosage. Just take the next dose at the properly scheduled time, or as soon after your last scheduled dose as possible. If you are concerned about dosage overlap, your doctor can help you with this as well. It is different for every medicine.

Questions and Answers for Soma Users

If you are in pain, you may have some questions about Soma. Some of these might be related to various aspects of usage and warnings you have seen. You may also have general questions about its purpose.

What is Soma?

It is a muscle relaxant that is used to relieve pain. Most of the time it helps relieve lower back spasms.

For what is it used?

It helps relieve acute pain in the body. This is done in order to help a person who has just suffered a serious injury who is currently in physical therapy.

What precautions should be taken while using Soma?

You should alert your doctor of current health problems. You should also let him or her know about current medications or supplements you take-both prescription and over the counter. Furthermore, you should be fully examined before being administering this drug. Who should not use this drug?

It is typically not recommended for minors. It also is not one that should be used by drug addicts or alcoholics. It could be very easily abused.

Is this medication approved by the FDA?

As of September of 2007 it has been reported that Soma (a.k.a. carisoprodol) has been approved by the FDA. Still, a full checkup before usage is recommended and it is not for everyone.

How does this medication work?

It affects certain neurotransmitters as well as the nerves in the muscles themselves that signal pain. The pain signal that is normally sent to the brain is stopped.

Has this drug helped others?

Most of the people who have used Soma have benefited greatly. Generally, the problems usually most often occur with misuse or accidental overdose.

What if I accidentally overdose?

This can even happen to the most honest people who have never been addicted to a drug in their lives. If you already know you have overdosed but you are not yet experiencing trouble, you may want to consult a non-emergency medical staff member, doctor or nurse. If you are experiencing potentially life-threatening symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or possible fainting call emergency personnel immediately. In this case, your life is on the line.

Where can I get more information about Soma?

Warnings,your doctor is the best resource. The internet is flooded with facts and info about it as well. The more you research the drug, the safer you are likely to be. It is best if you seek information from sources you trust, though.