Questions and Answers for Soma Users

If you are in pain, you may have some questions about Soma. Some of these might be related to various aspects of usage and warnings you have seen. You may also have general questions about its purpose.

What is Soma?

It is a muscle relaxant that is used to relieve pain. Most of the time it helps relieve lower back spasms.

For what is it used?

It helps relieve acute pain in the body. This is done in order to help a person who has just suffered a serious injury who is currently in physical therapy.

What precautions should be taken while using Soma?

You should alert your doctor of current health problems. You should also let him or her know about current medications or supplements you take-both prescription and over the counter. Furthermore, you should be fully examined before being administering this drug. Who should not use this drug?

It is typically not recommended for minors. It also is not one that should be used by drug addicts or alcoholics. It could be very easily abused.

Is this medication approved by the FDA?

As of September of 2007 it has been reported that Soma (a.k.a. carisoprodol) has been approved by the FDA. Still, a full checkup before usage is recommended and it is not for everyone.

How does this medication work?

It affects certain neurotransmitters as well as the nerves in the muscles themselves that signal pain. The pain signal that is normally sent to the brain is stopped.

Has this drug helped others?

Most of the people who have used Soma have benefited greatly. Generally, the problems usually most often occur with misuse or accidental overdose.

What if I accidentally overdose?

This can even happen to the most honest people who have never been addicted to a drug in their lives. If you already know you have overdosed but you are not yet experiencing trouble, you may want to consult a non-emergency medical staff member, doctor or nurse. If you are experiencing potentially life-threatening symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or possible fainting call emergency personnel immediately. In this case, your life is on the line.

Where can I get more information about Soma?

Warnings,your doctor is the best resource. The internet is flooded with facts and info about it as well. The more you research the drug, the safer you are likely to be. It is best if you seek information from sources you trust, though.