What is Carisoprodol?

With the human life becoming strenuous by every passing day, muscle sprains, pulls, and pain have started forming part of day-to-day living. While there are many muscle-relaxing drugs available in the global market today, the one that takes maximum acclaim is called Carisoprodol. Carisoprodol is one of the most commonly used and famous centrally-operating skeletal muscle relaxant.

The drug is a crystalline powder in physical identity, is colorless, has a mild characteristic odor and tastes bitter. The medicine is soluble in water to some extent; however, it is highly soluble in acetone, alcohol and chloroform. How the medicine works? Carisoprodol works by blocking the path of any pain-related sensations that reach the brain and nerves and relaxes the muscle by removing all the pain from it. Owing to this, this drug forms a major part of any prescription that a medical practitioner prescribes for muscle pain, muscle pull, etc.

The main ingredient in this muscle-relaxing drug is called meperidine, which is a sedative. Because of this ingredient, many people feel extremely sleepy after taking this medicine; however, this sleeping sensation is perfectly normal and by no ways indicates any side effect. The drug is available in a tablet form that consists of 350 mg of the drug. Because the medicine is known to many side effects on the body, it is highly recommended that a person suffering from muscle pain consults a doctor and takes the medicine based on how the doctor prescribes it.

Warnings, under most normal conditions, a medical practitioner advises a patient to take the tablet four times in a day, three times during the day and once immediately before going to bed. However this general prescription varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of the problem. Any person who has suffered from any kind of addiction before should not take Carisoprodol. In such a case, the person should let the doctor know about any such addiction so that the doctor can replace this drug with any other drug that is more suitable for the person.