Carisoprodol is one of the most popular muscle relaxants available commercially in the market today. Although many people know about this drug, many wonder what is the recommended carisoprodol dosage. The most common and used starting carisoprodol dosage is taking a 250 mg or 350 mg tablet thrice in a day and once immediately before going to bed in the night. This has been widely accepted as the standard dosage of the drug, irrespective of the age of the patient or how much the patient weighs. However, there could be slight variation to this dosage and therefore, it is strictly advised that a person suffering from muscle pains should first visit a medical practitioner to understand the severity of the problem and accordingly get started with the recommended dosage. There should be no variation made to the dosage that a medical practitioner prescribes to a patient.

As regards the length of the dosage, the standard carisoprodol dosage is generally prescribed for an initial period between two and three weeks. After these period lapses, the condition of the patient is examined and further course of action is defined. The initial period of two to three weeks is considered enough time for any type of muscle injury to heal and for the body to get back to normal. In case a patient shows no improvements in the muscle pain even after taking the medicine for three weeks, extensive examination of the body should be undertaken to treat any other kind of ongoing problem that may affect the working of carisoprodol.

Because one of the main constituents of this drug is a sedative, a person may experience drowsiness after taking the medicine during the daytime. In such a case, the patient may be recommended to take the medicine only at night, and the doctor may extend the period of treatment from the standard two to three weeks. In addition, the drug has many side effects associated with it and therefore, following the carisoprodol dosage guidelines carefully is of utmost importance. Whatever is the case, under no conditions should the drug dosage be extended beyond a maximum period of two to three weeks. The 250 mg or 350 mg tablet can be taken on the empty stomach or along with any meal during the day.Warnings, Some people have; however, noticed a vomiting sensation when taking the medicine on the empty stomach. For the medicine to yield best results, it is important to take the carisoprodol dosage as prescribed by a doctor.