Soma does wonders on people who are experiencing severe acute pain from injury or accident. However, you should learn how to use this prescription medication safely.

Of course, this short list of tips is not going to replace advice given to you by your doctor. However, it will alert as to how to prevent from abusing this drug. Remember the most obvious tip of all-that it only should be used by you if it was prescribed by you. Furthermore, you should only use it if you can find no other way to deal with your extremely painful joints and muscles. Furthermore, remember the following:

Never take more than the recommended dosage prescribed to you. This would be either 250mg or 350mg three times a day and at bedtime.

This oral pain treatment is typically only used for up to three weeks. If you are using it for longer than this time, there is a cause for concern. You might be addicted. If you miss a dose just wait until the next scheduled dosage. Overdose could cause extreme drowsiness or other concentration problems. This could cause accidents. If you notice any severe problem such as hyperventilation or racing heartbeat contact a doctor or emergency personnel immediately.

You may be at risk of high blood pressure or even a heart attack. Before you receive a prescription for Soma, alert your doctor of any health problems. You should also inform this professional of any medications or supplements you also take. This will prevent intensification of negative reactions. In the worse-case scenario accidental or intentional overdose could cause death. If you are inclined to be suicidal this may not be the right medication for you. If you have a history of drug abuse, you probably should not use this drug. It could be very habit forming and you would end up having a new addiction.

Notice that typical side effects while using Soma are very mild. They include drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. Usually the severity of these problems is very low as long as taken correctly.

People who use Soma for longer than the duration specified could be at increased risk for cardiovascular problems. Facial flushing and other complications would also occur which indicates high blood pressure. Additional side effects as a result of long term use include these: tremor, severe depression, irritability, headache, ataxia, agitation, and seizures. Insomnia is also a common side effects in prolong users.