What dosages does Soma come in?

Some comes in the form of pills which are round and white. The active ingredient of it is carisoprodol and it is a white substance that has a mild odor and that tastes bitter, so the pills might also be of a bitter taste. These pills come in two different doses and these are a 250mg dose and a 350mg dose. The right dosage will be determined for you by your doctor based on many different factors such as the severity of your injury. The pills are taken orally with a glass of water, four times a day – three times during a day and once at bedtime. The food does not affect the efficacy of the pill so you may take it with or without food.

During the treatment, Soma is combined with physical therapy, ample rest and possibly some other treatments such as some anti-inflammatory medications. It is a short term medication which means that is taken up to two or three weeks during which your injury should heal. If this, however, does not happen, you should talk to your doctor for the problem you have had might need a different treatment.

Once you start the treatment it might happen that you experience some of the side effects of Soma. These are really not serious and most people do not experience any at all. However, if you do experience some, although they will probably not require medical attention, you should inform your doctor about it. It might be necessary that your dosage should be lowered. It may also happen that you feel like the drug is not working for you. In this case you should also tell your doctor about it and they will probably prescribe you a dosage higher than the originally prescribed. Anyway, you should never increase the dosage on your own for if you take too much you will also increase the risk of side effects or you may even overdose.

Warnings, to sum up, Soma is a very useful and effective medication when it comes to treating muscle injuries. It comes in the form of pills and in two different doses. The dosage that you should take will be determined by your doctor and you should never adjust it on your own. The usual length of the treatment is two to three weeks and if the problem does not go away over this time, you should consult your doctor. In fact, all you need to do is stick to the prescription of your doctor and you will experience the proper effectiveness of Soma.