Dangers of generic pain reliever drug Soma

Soma is a generic pain reliever used to handle things like strains, sprains and a wide range of muscle injuries. It’s been used in sports and by private physicians for years now, but what is soma actually and how does it work.

First of all, Soma is a skeletal muscle relaxant, much more powerful than your average grade painkillers, which is why it is a strictly monitored prescription drug. Before you start using soma, you should give  your doctor your full medical history including the list of other drugs you are taking at the moment, as there may be side effects if mixed with other drugs. Even if taken in moderation it can cause stomach problems, and, naturally, it has sedative properties as well, which is why it is not recommended to people who use heavy machinery or who are driving or who perform precision tasks. As one of the drugs often used in the pain management program, it is recommended that you rest a lot while using it.

Now, Soma is just a marketing name, Soma’s name is Carisoprodol, a drug related to meprobamate, a potentially addictive agent. The drug does have addictive properties and is definitely not recommended to people who have had history of substance abuse. Withdrawal from meprobamate can carry serious complications, including seizures and coma, which is why soma abuse is heavily monitored.

There are other situations where you shouldn’t be using generic soma. Blood disorders, kidney diseases, allergies or asthma, all of these conditions can be aggravated by soma. The side effects overall are not that dangerous (except when you abuse this substance) and may include stomach cramps, dizzynes if you stand up or lie down too quickly as well as drowsiness and lightheadedness. It’s effect on pregnancy and on breastfeeding has not been properly studied, so it is recommended for women who breastfeed or who are with child to avoid using Soma. Also, alcohol is a big no-no if Soma is your painkiller of choice as the two of them don’t go well together at all.

If you’re thinking of purchasing Soma, big pharma companies should have it in stock pretty much around the clock, but it is possible to get it online as well, as long as you can provide all of the documentation showing how your physician recommended it for you. It’s no use trying to cheat – the companies contact the doctor before the shipping to make sure the data sent to them is 100% authentic.

Just be aware that overdose on soma can cause depression of the central nervous system, leading to severe complications and coma, as well as respiratory depressions, shock and seizures, so under no circumstances are you to up your Soma dose before you consult your doctor and you’re not to self-medicate.